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Explore [murmur] Edinburgh:

  1. Download and print the map.
  2. Go for a walk: bring your mobile phone, and head for the red dots on the map.
  3. Find the green ear, and call the number on it.
  4. Enter the code on the sign to hear people's stories about the place where you're standing.

[murmur] is an audio documentary project that collects and presents stories set in specific locations in Edinburgh (in this instance, throughout the area of Leith), as told by the residents of Edinburgh themselves. Ear-shaped [murmur] signs bearing a telephone number and location code mark the places where stories are available for listening. Use the map to find the story locations, and then use your mobile to call the number, enter the location code, and listen to [murmur] stories while you explore the space where the stories took place. Alternatively, you may also listen to the stories on this website by clicking the red dots on the map.

Some stories are anecdotal, others are historic, but all of them convey why these places are important to Leith. Once heard, these stories can change the way people think about that place and the city at large. These are the stories that make up our urban identity, but they are kept inside of the heads of the people who live here. [murmur] brings that important archive out onto the streets, for all to hear and experience. [more]

[murmur] Edinburgh is presented by New Media Scotland (mediascot.org). New Media Scotland receives core funding from the Scottish Arts Council. [murmur] Edinburgh is additionally supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

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